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We believe design is essential as much as gaming performance is significant for gamers, We want gamers to have the ability to go anywhere and play any game with a system that delivers the power of a beast with elegant design and low pricing as possible.

We know that most gamers doesn’t have endless budget and they are looking for the best maximum system requirement to run games and therefor we are here for you.

We don’t believe that in order for gamers to enjoy their game to full capacity they require to buy high end systems with high price, no we can make the ultimate gaming system with low budget assured it can deliver the highest performance for gaming and a system at the top of its league delivering the 4K experience with no less than 60 – 120 FPS.

For example let us look at the highest game requirements :
Recommended requirement COD_BO3  :

Now we ask why would you choose high end components and pricey at that when you cant use them for even a game ? till now no game took more than 4 core , till now no game took more than 12 GB RAM , till now no game took more than 4 GB GPU , if you are looking to share a virtual machine with your friends that is different issue of course, however for a single user ? You are playing it wrong.

Be Smart , Be Logical , Be Sensible , Be Responsible 

Here is what we made for a customer who was fully satisfied with his PC SPEC and budget requirement.


CPU 4.5GHz  OC / 8 CORE
Ram 16 GB / 1866 MHz OC / 2133 Mhz
GPU 4 GB Super Clocked / 2k MEM
SSD/HDD 250 GB SSD / 1 TB HDD 7200 RPM
Accessories Red Light LED 2 Meters , 4 LED Fans , Fans Control , PC LOCK, Shield and more.

Price ? didn’t reach the 550 K.D yes its all about being sensible, logical, smarter.

You have fixed budget or special requirements ? we offer wide range of components and ideas , we will help you through till we reach with you the final result !

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 We offer aftermarket services and maintenance and find 100% solutions for errors or mistakes with proof and reality no empty words nor promises our company make.

We Challenge the market for any spec you require from low end to high end to servers for giving you the lowest prices than any other and fast services including remote service if you are outside the country or not available at your office or home  We are driven by quality.

Cyber Gate Team

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